The spiral pump possesses a gyro-static and bulk-styled single bush eccentric spiral. Its rotor is a metal external spiral that is sectioned into a round shape. On the other hand, its stator is a plastic (flexible material) internal spiral that is sectioned into oval shape. If the rotor is located in the central gyro-static position of the eccentric bush, it will be getting gyro-static while doing vertical movements inside the stator. Moreover, due to the fact that the connection lines between the rotor and the stator (one hard while the other soft) have a rigid and close-ended effect, the rotor is able to create a strong self-absorption effect while getting gyro-static. Meanwhile, the liquid that is absorbed into and fills up the gap between the rotor and the stator will follow the movement direction of the spirals and continuously transmit from the absorption port to the eduction port.
The normal gyro-static direction, if viewed from the propeller shaft, is counter clock-wise. This way, it will be able to avoid a liquid leakage from the gland of the propeller shaft. However, in certain circumstances when the liquid to be transmitted is not allowed to contact the air or is directed collected from a high vacuum slot, it is recommended to adopt moving direction gyro-static effect without affecting the overall operation of the pump.





  • Head: The full head includes the water absorption depth, a vertical distance measured from the water source to the highest water outlet. The same pumps only have to be adjusted their motors according to the height of the head instead of changing the whole pumps.

  • Water depth: The vertical distance from the pump to the water source. The self-absorption depth will lower if meeting with sticky or worn-out materials and high-speed rotation.

  • Output water amount: Due to the inner wall of the tube is worn-out or damaged, the output water amount will lower when the head the higher. The speed of rotation also has much to do with the output water amount. In case of transmitting over-sticky or worn-out materials, the speed of rotation lowers according to the material standard. As long as the speed is not lower than 300 times per minute, the maximum efficiency is guaranteed. On the other hand, when transmitting any liquid materials, the maximum flow amount is achieved even if air gets into the tube. For either of the above situations, the output speed is always the same.

  • This unit is small with few component parts, solid and long lasting, easy to assemble and tear up.
▼ The output volume of the pump



  • 揚程:全揚程將吸水深度計算在內,自水源至最高出水口垂直距離,同一泵浦視揚程高低增減馬力免換泵浦。

  • 水深度:自泵浦至水源直距離,如遇黏性或磨損性物質及高速運轉自吸深度會降低。

  • 出水量: 出水量因管路內壁磨擦損失,揚程越高出水量越少,轉速快慢與出水量大小有關,如輸送過黏或磨損性物質,視物質程度減低轉速,最低至每分鐘300轉尚能獲得最大效率,當輸送任何物質液體,即使空氣進入管中亦能起動達到最大流量,均作一定速率輸出。

  • 本機體積小零件少,堅固耐用,易組易拆。

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